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Welcome to Mighty Growers

A Companion App for Urban Growers


Mighty Growers is a living game that combines real plants with virtual fun. Playing the game unlocks access to this Mighty Grower Network, an exclusive community filled with resources including grow guides, gardening tips and access to the OG Guardians.

How to Join

In order to join the Mighty Grower Network, you must first order your Mighty Grower Kit. In your kit, you will find a secret access code that will grant you access to this network. 

What's this game we speak of?

Mighty Growers is a living game that offers a fun way to learn how to grow your own vegetables, no green thumbs needed. The game offers step by step instructions for different crops, and growers are rewarded for every milestone they unlock. You'll even get a bonus for spotting a pest! Players compete for the ultimate prize - land management rights for their very own farm. 

 You'll only need 3 things to get started:

  • An Instagram Account
  • Mighty Growers Kit (contains 3 different types of seeds and all you need to get started growing)
  • A small grow space (balcony or corridor works just fine!)
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